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  Cailyn Murray- Chamberlain is a floral designer, hailing from Vancouver, Canada. Besides owning and acting as lead designer one of Vancouver's most sought after boutique event companies, Delovely Creative, she has also collaborated with many other designers in the city: OLF.Co, Nicola Adams Floral, Art of the Party Design, and Thomas Hobbs Florist. Her most recent position on the mainland was Senior Wedding Designer and Florist, with Cahoots Creative Happenings. 

   In 2019, she made the move to Mexico City, where she had to opportunity to travel the country, and freelance on numerous destination weddings and events with Floweriize- one of the country's top designers. As of 2020, she has settled down on Vancouver island, where she has rebranded her own design house as Persephone Bloom Studio. 

  Her love of organic, garden style floral design, and eclectic  styling blend seamlessly with the local foliage, florals, and style of the Pacific North West, making her events an extension of their surroundings. That in combination with her time in Mexico, and use of interesting and tropical botanicals, have formed her vision for design into one with movement, shape, and texture at their core. 

  Should you have questions regarding booking, pricing or the consultation process, please reach out via the contact page.

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